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Learn more about Innovation in Property Rights for Emissions Trading

Learn more about Innovation in Property Rights for Emissions Trading

Carbon Market Institute - provides information regarding policy developments for emissions trading. Their calendar of events is particularly useful for those wanting to attend an up-coming event on emissions trading.

The Conversation - publishes accessible articles on emissions trading schemes from researchers in Australia and overseas.

Emissions Trading in Practice: A Handbook on Design an Implementation - Developed by the World Bank to assist policy creation and decision making, this handbook reviews the major aspects of emissions trading and different aspects to consider when implementing an emissions trading scheme.

Global CCS Institute - disseminates cutting edge research regarding the capture and storage of carbon.

The Guardian – provides an accessible overview of emissions trading schemes and detailed news regarding emissions trading schemes as part of the newspapers focus on climate change reporting.

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development - distributes analysis and news under its research theme “Climate and Energy” on emissions trading and climate policy with a focus on trade law and policy.

The International Emissions Trading Association – provides resources, position papers, reports and case studies on emissions trading with a focus on building, inter-linking and improving emissions trading schemes. The International Emissions Trading Association is a non-for-profit industry group.

Motu Economic and Public Policy Research - focuses on New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme and provides a timeline for the creation of the scheme as well as the lessons learned from implementing it.

OECD - provides a number of publications and reports on the development of emissions trading schemes and their connections with other policy approaches to climate change.

Towards an International Emissions Trading Scheme

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